On the 15th of next month you are busy and in the property there will be no one available to welcome customers arriving on that day
or to set up the check out for the ones that will leave? 😓
No worries, we have the right solution for you!

From the Calendar, double-click on the availability box against the date and room type of your interest. In the new window that will pop up, click on Advanced Settings, select NO against the Check in / Check out allowed line, then Save.

The two red arrows that will appear (in and out) confirm that the restriction has been activated correctly.

In this way, your potential customers will not have the chance to book their stay starting from the day 15 of with check out on the 15th.
Nevertheless, reservations at the turn of this date (example: 13-16) will be accepted.

N.B. This restriction can also be set up from the CA and CD columns of the Advanced Editor:
👉 click once on the box to activate it (the arrow will be red)
👉 two clicks to deactivate it (green arrow)
and Save

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