If you wish to connect your Daily Planning to your Google Account, click on PMS Real Planning > OctoDaily > G > Housekeeping 👇

A new screen will open, where you will be asked to choose the Account you want to link and then, authorize Octorate to access and make the modifications needed.

Once you establish the connection, daily events about Room Cleaning and Linen Change will be created on Calendar, for all the reservations on the next 30 days.
If you haven't done it yet, but you wish to set up rules for the cleaning and linen change frequency, update the PMS set up.
Otherwise, events will be created anyway to notify all the checkout rooms.

You will get an email and see the green plug, as a confirmation for the new active connection status. Should you wish to deactivate it, click on the plug and confirm.

⚠️ WARNING - by linking the OctoDaily to your GoogleCal, only the reservations regarding the 30 days after the current day will be visible on your Calendar.

Moreover, do not forget to set the Monthly View to see them!


Do you work with more than one housekeeper, so you need to connect more than one Google Cal? 🧐 No worries at all!

First of all, create a new Customized View for each housekeeper.
Then, access each View and follow the above procedure to connect a view to its specific Google Account.

Do you have any questions?
Email us at tech@octorate.com !
Talk to you soon!

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