Copying the details from another room is easy and makes you save time! 

From the page of content management*of HomeAway, Airbnb and of a single room/flat in Octorate, you can import and copy the content,
so that you will not have to type in the same details again! 

Let's figure out how to do it with an example:
In order to create various listings in HomeAway, Airbnb and through Octorate, and they all share the same basic info.

It would definitely be time-consuming 🕑 to type them in for each room.

  • price per Extra person 

  • time limit for the checkout

  • cancellation policy

That's why Octorate enables you to import and copy the content from another room/apartment!

  1. from the Rooms > Edit section of the room type I want to update, I will select the portal/s I wish to update and complete the page of content of one room/apartment.

  2. for the other rooms/apartments, from the same section, I will select the room/apartment completed (previous paragraph) from the drop-down menu and I'll click on the button you see in the picture👇

Empty fields will be filled in with the info contained in the selected listing.

*With page of content*, we make reference to the page of listings creation/content management of HomeAway, Airbnb and from Octorate, in Rooms > Edit > Manage room on...

🔺Remember that:
     ➡ Pictures are not imported.
     ➡ If you complete any field before you make the import, those fields
         will not be overwritten.

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