From Octorate, you can manage the content for, Airbnb and VRBO (HomeAway).
Let's find out how! 

1- access the mapping of the portal of your interest, to check the rates connected to it.

2- from the Rooms section, click on [Edit] against the rate plan connected to the portal and select this entry👇 from the Channel Manager section, on the left side of the screen.

3-  select the icon of the portal/s of your interest

4- update the entries or fields, according to your needs*

5- once you're done, [Save] at the bottom of the page, then click [Send to Portals]   

For Airbnb only, before you make any modifications,
you will have to click on Update from Airbnb at the bottom of the page.
Read the dedicated article

This article may be of your interest!
👉 How to easily copy the details of a room/apartment!

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