The Advanced Report generated in Drive is an Excel file that organizes data in structured and precise Tabs. The data are updated daily with the information present in Octorate (one-way connection), in order to allow the Revenue Manager to carry out a complete analysis of the trend and the sales forecast of the structure. 

Let's see what each Tab contains,
 first explaining the meaning of the two main acronyms:
👉 Pk or Pickup, shows the production results organized in columns that represent the types of rooms.
👉 MS stands for Market Segment and shows the production results organized according to the connected portals (sources).

  • Pk_OTB (On The Book) Reports the sales forecast of the individual types of rooms and the related earnings forecast, from today to the next 365 days. The earliest reported date is the day the report was created. Every night, the system writes the data in Octorate and adds 365 new rows to the report.

  • MS_OTB Reports the sales and earnings forecasts from today to the next 365 days, organized in relation to the connected portals (sources). The operation is the same as described in the previous point. 

  • Pk_OTB_LY and MS_OTB_LY (Last Year) Contain the data of Pk_OTB and Pk_OTB issued the past year on the same date 

  • Cons (Consolidated) Shows the consolidated performance data on the day of the report.  When the report is activated, the system will write the data of the two years preceding that moment. The structure of the columns is identical to the OTB, that is, organized by room type. The data are consolidated, therefore only referring to the past. Every night, the system synchronizes the data from Octorate and inserts 1 new row of data, relative to the day just ended. 

  • MS_Cons 

 It reports the same data just described, organized however in relation to the connected portals (sources).

*  the single columns relating to the types of rooms show the name of the main rates. However, derived rates are also included in the data. 

 Before activating the report, check with the support team the correct setting of your rooms. 

 if you decide to update the configuration of your rooms / rates, the report file may calculate the data incorrectly. You will then need to issue a new document. 

 If you have not yet followed the report creation procedure, consult the dedicated article.  If, however, you have not yet activated the RMS package, contact your sales representative or send an email to !
Talk to you soon!

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