Recording payments in the reservation's detail is beneficial,
cause you can keep track of the income whenever you get a specific amount
and you will not have to save them when issuing an Invoice or Receipt! 

From the Reservations section, click on the edit button,
to get into the reservation's detail

In the Totals section, you will see all the amounts related to the reservation
(stay, extra, city tax) that the customer will pay.

Let's suppose the customer checks in and wants to pay the sum related to the stay by Card (in this case, 199,92 euros).
From the Payment Method section, right above the Totals section, we record the taking, by clicking on the [+].

From the new screen that will pop up, select (a) the customer method of payment (b) the date (c) the amount, divided into elements of the reservation and city tax, together with a (d) potential description. Once you click on Save, the payment will be registered and the tab of amounts will be updated

When the customer decides to settle the bill (let's suppose they want to pay the city tax and the the Extra by cash, respectively 6 and 50 euros) we will just have to repeat the operation, by setting the payment method and the amounts.

In this way, the pending sum to collect will finally be 0 and the invoice/receipt we'll create will be marked as paid

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