Through Octorate you can easily manage the price rules based on occupancy for your rooms on, first check in Channel Manager > Booking's blue plug which rates are mapped with the portal.

now access the Rooms / Apartments section and click on Edit in correspondence with the rates mapped with

at this point you will access the page with all the details of that room / apartment, scrolling down the page on the left you will find the section Manage room on Airbnb / / HomeAway

access this section and select the square relating to

the page with all the settings relating to will load, we must focus only on that relating to the Occupancy rates by moving the option on "On"

at this point the page will show a table in which, if they are already present, the price rules existing on will be shown, otherwise the table will be empty,

through the orange button with the pencil we can modify the existing rules, through the red X we can delete the rules, through + Add relation we can create a new rule, the values expressed will be the difference to be applied with respect to the rates from which we are acting, therefore for example:

we are working starting from a rate of 2 pax and we want to create:

1) triple use which must cost €10 more, proceed as in the photo below and click on

+ Add

2) and single use which must cost 10% less, proceed as in the photo below and click on + Add

once the creation / modification of the rules is completed, just click on send to portals below the compiled table, and everything will be updated in real time.

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