The Fashion Trade Fair, the Tourism Fair, the Easter period or Summer events
Are you looking for a way to schedule the most important events
on your Octorate Calendar? Let’s find out how!

From the Calendar in Octorate, double click on the date of your interest, then drag the mouse to extend the period, by clicking on the last day.
This new window will pop up 👇

Here you can type in the name of the event, set the dates and choose a colour.
You can also set the frequency of repetition of the event on the right side of the screen, if necessary 🗓️

Click on Save, then refresh the page.
The period in question will be highlighted with the chosen colour, and you will just have to move the mouse on the dates to read the name of the event!

The events can be edited or deleted from the dedicated section, accessible from the Advanced Function button of the Calendar

In case you cannot see this function properly, ❌
try to clear the cache by deleting the browsing data!
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