During the creation of a new Extra, if you select the Per Day or Per Person per Day options, the Calendar section highlighted in yellow 👇 will appear

Activate this section, by setting it on Yes, for all those Extra Services with limited supply.

Type in the quantity available and days of validity, if you want to apply the extra only on the arrival date, departure date or during the stay.

For example: the cost of the parking will not be applied on the day of the check-out, in this case you will have to chose: arrival date and stay dates.

Save at the bottom of the page ✔️

The [Calendar] button enables you to check the remaining availability, concerning a specific period of time 👇

Double click on the box of your interest, either to edit price and availability or to deactivate the service with the Stop Sale for specific dates 🖱️ just like you do when updating prices and availabilities for the rooms/apartments on your Octorate Calendar! 👇

🔺 Warning - there is no Calendar sum-up page,
to see the remaining availability of all the Extras.
You will have to access the single services then, they way described above.

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