On Octorate, there are two ways to add a reservations not coming
from any of the connected OTAs.
Let's discover both of them! 

1. Reservations Section

Go to the Reservations section and click on [Add Reservation] :

Select the room to be assigned and the dates of the stay.
Click on [Next], to get to the next step and enter all the personal data and payment info about the customer.

Fill in the required fields and do not forget to [Save] before you close the page!

2. Double Click

The alternative way is selecting the dates right from the booked room and rate,
in the Calendar section:
either you click on the first and then on the last day of the customer's stay, or you double click a single date.The small window you see in the picture below 👇 will pop up, you can also select the dates right from here.

Now click on [Add Reservation]:

Fill in the required fields of this new display ⏬

Do not forget to [Save] !

Do you have any questions?
Email us at tech@octorate.com !
Talk to you soon!

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