To create automatic templates to communicate to your guests, click on Marketing > Email Templates. Here you can have a look at existing templates and edit them by clicking on [Edit].


If you want to add a new template click on [Add new +] then choose the Type of Template you want to send:

🔴 Remember that the system runs a check though your reservations with a scheduled time, to find those ones matching the templates rules. Therefore, the email submission is not instantaneous, but it can take up to 3 hours.

If you want to limit automated emails to reservations coming from specific channels, select the channel and move it to the right box:

By following the same procedure, you can also decide to assign the template to specific room/apartment types and/or to one or more real rooms of the PMS.

👉 Assigning templates to the real rooms can be fundamental to send specific details to your customers, like the access code to the room in question, for instance!

🔺 Warning: you can select real rooms, only if you previously set up the PMS Tableau!

Set the Show Filters section on ON, to add restrictions to the sending of the template: es. Send only if the customer has signed the contract.

Furthermore, you can translate messages into different languages: if the guest's language is specified, the system will then send the correct template.

Customize your email with all the variables, choose the one you need from the menu:


From the Email section of the detail of the reservation you will see the history of messages sent and you can send a new one by choosing from existing models, though the [+] button

Keep in touch with your guests and let them have a wonderful vacation!

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