First of all, you will have to create a Template*, by selecting Rental Contract as Type and customizing the Text 📃

Access the Marketing > WebConcierge section, then.

  1. Activate the option to allow your customers sign the contract through the WebConcierge 🖋️

  2. Choose the contract you wish to display online (the template we created*) 📃

  3. Customize the Label** that will be displayed on the WebConcierge. 🏷️

Save at the bottom of the page


Once the customer is in the WebConcierge, your customers can click on the Label** to read the text of the contract,

sign it right from their Smartphone 📱 and Save it.


You will find the saved and signed contract, right in the details of the reservation, in the Checkin section!

Of course you can also send your customers the Contract via email.
Click here for the article about Email Templates!

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