Access the Marketing > WebConcierge > WebCheckin section and set up the material you wish to ask your customer:

  1. Click on the [+] to add an entry ✔️

  2. Describe the content you’d like to be photographed 🖋️ ex. ID (front)
    this will be the Label** displayed on the WebConcierge

  3. Click on the [-] to delete the entry ❌

    then Save at the bottom of the page.

You can potentially add an endless number of pics!


Once the customer is in the WebConcierge,
customers can click on this button to complete the WebCheckin

The Label** will explain which pictures need to be uploaded - it is very easy👇

  • the [+] to choose the picture
    the system will give you two possibilities: take a picture or choose it from the Gallery

  • the arrow to upload it

  • the [X] to delete the picture

Though the orange button [+ Add guest] you can add pictures of other Guests.

Complete the operation, by clicking on [Save] .


You will find the saved pictures, right in the details of the reservation, in the Checkin section!

Read the specific article on the Fast Check in!

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