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If you selected the option Always send the SMS to the customer ✉️ from the drop-down menu of the Stripe setup in the Settings > Accounting > Automatic Takings section, the customer will always have to authenticate the debit with a code.

Let’s see the procedure for manual takings in detail:

From the detail of the reservation, in the Payment Method section, you will click on the [+] to register the payment, you will then select Credit Card as payment method and Charge Card as type of operation, then Save.

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The payment will be marked as pending, with an orange clock symbol 🕒

Methods of sending

You can click on the paper plane to send the email with the link to ask the customer to authenticate the payment ✉️ that will be sent automatically anyway, whenever you register the payment.

Otherwise, you click on the arrow and either copy the link and decide how to send it to the customer, or to send it via WhatsApp Web.

At that point, the customer will follow the Procedure of Authentication and once completed, the payment will be confirmed and the green padlock will mark the authentication given by the customer.

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