Whenever a customer needs to authorize a debit, both as a result of an Automatic Takings rules and in case you are manually charging the Card through Stripe, the procedure will be the following 👇

The customer will get the link 🔗 from which the operation will be authenticated.

The customer may get the link via these three modalities:

  • Via Email ✉️
    The email can be customized if you have the WebConcierge package active in your subscription, to create Email Templates. If not, you will have a default template by the name Payment Authentication (SCA) in the Marketing > Email Templates section.

  • Through WhatsApp Web

  • By copying the link and choosing autonomously how to send it to the customer.
    For these two last options, please check the dedicated section in the article on manual takings.

Once they get the link ➡️ the customer will access the WebConcierge with the following screen and they’ll get a code to be inserted in the box 👇 to authorize the payment, according to their bank safety protocol.

Once all the codes will be entered, they’ll get the confirmation of the authentication! ✅

In the detail of the reservation, the payment will marked as confirmed and the green padlock will mark the authentication given by the customer.

❕ Please, bear in mind that these updates only involve Stripe, at the moment.


⚠️ If you haven’t done it yet, we suggest you have a look at the article
SCA and 3DS General Settings, where you will find important info.

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