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SCA and 3DS General Settings, where you will find important info.

Automatic Takings management depends on the setup in the
Settings > Accounting > Automatic Takings section.

⚠️ Please, bear in mind that these updates only involve Stripe, at the moment.

If you selected the option Always send the SMS to the customer ✉️ from the drop-down menu of the Stripe setup, the customer will always get a link via email to authenticate the debit, on the basis of the automatic takings rules you previously set up.

➡️ Click HERE for the Authentication Procedure.

Before the SCA, the debit was made automatically by the system, by getting in touch with the credit institution first, then charging the amount on the Credit Card entered by the customer in the Booking Engine (MOTO).

⚠️ The email can be customized if you have the WebConcierge package active in your subscription, to create Email Templates. If not, you will have a default template by the name Payment Authentication (SCA) in the Marketing > Email Templates section.

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