Before you read this article, remember that the basic requirement
to be able to go on with the connection process is

🔹being in possession of a VAT number🔹

Here is the connection process to VRBO 🔗 in five easy steps:

1️⃣ Create the Rental Agreement 📋

its is a contract between the guest and the property, visibile during the reservation process

Click HERE for the dedicated article

⚠️ as of January 2021 the Rental Agreement is no more mandatory.

Anyway it is still a useful document to give info to your customers.

2️⃣ Kick off of the connection process 🏠

Access Octorate and follow the instructions contained in the dedicated article 👈
to start the connection from the Channel Manager.

3️⃣ PUSH the content of the single rooms/apartments 🛏️

from Octorate, you will have to send the content related to each room/apartment to VRBO. Access the Rooms/Apartments section and follow the procedure you find in the dedicated article 👈

make sure that all the listings respect the specific requirements!

4️⃣ Get in touch with the Octorate Team and get the link 🙎

Send either a message via Chat or send an email at, by informing the team you have completed all the required steps and you are ready for the following one. One of the team members will make a check on your profile, then send you the link to proceed with the Self service onboarding, which will enable you to follow a guided procedure to complete the connection.

⚠️ make sure you have a credit card to complete the onboarding procedure.

5️⃣ The last step is done right with VRBO 📞

A few days after the completion of the procedure with the link, the VRBO Team will get in touch with you to complete the last steps of the connection process.

You will then be online, ready to get new reservations!


Do you have any questions?

Email us at !


Talk to you soon!


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