From the Settings > Accounting > Automatic Takings section, you can create customized cancellation policies from the dedicated section, on the bottom left side of the page.

You can then:
a. click on the [+] to add a new policy
b. edit an existing policy ✏️

c. delete an existing one

Let's create a new Cancellation Policy together!

Click then on the [+] and you will see this 👇 new screen

Here you can:

a. activate/deactivate the cancellation policy

b. choose a Name for it
in our case "50% - 15 days prior the Check in"

c. set up the policy rules

  • Whether it is Not Refundable

  • The number of days before the check in after which the policy will be applied, in case the customer cancelled the reservation 💳

  • The time limit
    N.B. minutes cannot be selected

    ⚠️ WARNING! If you set the [Not Refundable] entry ON, you will not be able to specify a specific number of days without getting an error when saving. This happens because normally the property charges 100% for the Not Refundable rates, no matter when they are cancelled.

d. The amount to be charged in the case of a cancellation

  • the amount related to the first X nights

  • a percentage of the value of the stay

  • a fixed value

e. A Description

Add a title and a description that will be displayed, when making the reservation on the Booking Engine.*

Save your modifications!

*Do not forget to check the text present in the Booking Engine EVO > Texts > Edit > Cancellation Message section, if applicable.


Find out
👉 how to assign a Cancellation Policy to a specific Rate Plan 🍴

👉 how to assign a Cancellation Policy to a Room/Rate 🏠

⚠️ REMEMBER the charge of the amount in the case of a cancellation will be automatic, only in case you have a Payment Gateway set up in the Settings > Accounting > Automatic Takings section.

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