In the Texts section of the Rate Plan's creation/modification page, you will find the Label, Title and Description entries, those that will be displayed online on the Booking Engine.

a. The Label replaces the name of the rate plan, the one inserted on the upper left side of the screen, on the same config page.

It can be used in case you wish to choose both, a name for internal use (Name*) and a name that will be displayed to the customer when booking on the Booking Engine (Label).

This will be displayed among the available options, when making the online search

and also when you will get into the detail of the selected PT.

Add a b. Title and its related c. Description.

They will be displayed in the detail of the selected rate plan, in case the customer chooses to check out further details👇

N.B. 🔴 Label, Title and Description are not mandatory.

Should you leave them empty, the rate plan will be displayed online with the Name*

that has been saved in the Rate Plan's config page, while the Title and Description sections will simply be empty.

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