ICS is the universal format used by many email and calendar applications as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal from Apple.

With the iCal connection, Octorate is enabled to check the ics data in order to create correspondence: dates will be synchronized, so that all the dates mistakenly open will then be closed.
Reservations and availabilities will then be synched.

In order to download it from your Octorate platform, go to Rooms > Edit

If you go down left you can find Useful links section. You can click on the orange but

Before you leave the page, scroll down till the bottom and click on the [+] in the iCal section to add the ics link of the platform you're connecting.

Save at the bottom of the page.

🔺NB: Octorate will only be able to close availabilities.
However, in case of cancellation on extranet, availability needs
to be opened manually in the Channel Manager.

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