Go to the Booking Engine Evo > Widgets section,
then click on [Create new widget] to set up the Widget 

Set up all the graphic options available, to determine how the widget will look like on your website. Once you're done with it, ask your webmaster to help you out with the final step: copy and paste the source code inside the body tag of your webpage.

🔺 In order to download the plugin for Wordpress, scroll down a little bit more, and you will find the dedicated section on the right side of the page.
Click on the link to download the plugin!
Follow the automatic procedure to install the ZIP files generated, do not copy them manually. Should you have any doubts, get in touch with your webmaster!

🔺 Should you be looking for the Booking Engine OTA Widget, always from this section Booking Engine Evo > Widgets > [Create new widget] , make sure you selected the OTA Mode in the Booking Engine to display section and it's been saved, before you copy the source code.

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