To start a synchronization, enter the Calendar section, click on the blue button with the 3 dots, as you can see here 👇 , then choose Synchronize Channel Manager  

A new page will open, where you will have to indicate which period you want to synchronise and which site (Select All Sites, if you want to run a general synchro)

Once you have entered your filters, click on the green [Execute] button, and the system will launch the synchronization. 

When do I have to launch a synchro? 

You don't need to start a synchronization every time you modify a price or availability, the channel manager in fact, it sends information to the connected portals automatically.

However, there are some cases where it is necessary.
Here there are some cases where you have to send it: 

  • When you have mapped a new room / rate plan.

  • When you have added a new portal.

  • When on the extranet of an external portal you find a different information from the one you previously inserted on Octorate. 

  • When you have entered a price correction for external portals
    click here to consult the article ⚠️ which stresses the fact that the synchro that can be activated from the Correction Ratio section is automatically run on the next 365 days, starting from the current date. If you wish to run it on a longer period, please use the instructions described above, in the present document.


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