The CORRECTION RATIO enables you to set up a value
(percentage or fixed) to increase or decrease the rate you previously set on the Calendar in Octorate, before you send it to a specific portal.

Let's suppose you set the rooms at 100euro per night on the Calendar,
but you want to sell your rooms at 115 euros on
Then you'll have to set a correction ratio to the 15% or +15 euro 

How to do it?

1) Click on Channel Manager > Edit against the portal of your choice 

2) Set a percentage increase on the portals, compared to the price on the Calendar

>>> Should you want to set a discount, the value must be negative

...otherwise, set a fixed value

Set the Run Synchronisation now on [ON] then Save!

⚠️ The synchro will be launched on the 365 days following the current date.
If you wish to run it on a longer period, check out the dedicated article, click HERE 👈

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