In Octorate you can register a manual reservation in several ways:

1) Directly from the PMS Real Planning (if you have the PMS enabled).

Click on the first day of the reservation period, hover your mouse to the right until the last day, and then click again.

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After the second click, a window will open in which you can enter all the details of the reservation:

IMPORTANT! If you have the PMS Real Planning enabled, enter manual reservations always and only from the PMS.
If you do not have PMS Real Planner enabled, you can choose between the following methods indistinctly.

2) From the Reservations section:

3) From the Calendar section:

  • Click the dedicated button on top of the page:
  • ...or directly from the lines on the calendar: click on the start date, move the mouse on the right and click again on the last day

You will be able to insert reservation data inside a pop-up window:

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