IMPORTANT!!! Before you begin this procedure, make sure the new room already exists on Octorate and on the OTA (click HERE).

  • Go to section CHANNEL MANAGER, then click on the blue button shaped like a plug.

(Click on the picture to zoom)

  • Now it's time to import the new room!
    Click on the button shaped like a cloud, at the top of the OTA column.
  • In the next window, first click on IMPORT ROOMS and then MAPPING SETTING.

(Click on the picture to zoom)

  • The new room will appear superimposed on the OTA column.
  • Click on the room name on the right column, then click on the equivalent room name on the left column.
    Now you see the new rooms a the center of the screen.
    Click on the left square pressing the mouse button, then drag the mouse to the right square.

Well done! The new room is now mapped.

You just need to send a synchronization to match the inventory of the new room from Octorate to the OTA (click HERE to learn how to do it).

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