1) Login to your HomeAway account
Go inside a listing, then click Calendar on the left side of the dashboard

3) Now click the Import/Export calendar button at the top right of the calendar table, then click on Import Calendar.
(When you import your Octorate calendar into HomeAway, it will periodically pull information from Octorate into its availability calendar. This will keep HomeAway constantly updated with all the new bookings you enter into Octorate)

This will open a pop-up window, so you need to do as follows:

  • Choose the name of the Calendar (for example: Octorate) 
  • Copy the ICS link from Octorate and paste it inside Calendar URL
    (You can find all the ICS links inside your Octorate account as soon as you request the connection with HomeAway)
  • Select Show this calendar to travelers and finally click on Import Calendar


Repeat these operations for every listing in your HomeAway account.

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