The payment gateway Stripe is an American corporation supporting more than 100.000 companies in 25 countries. Its technology offers fraud detection and protection, in addition to managing online payments.

For more information about Stripe costs and services, click HERE to display all the details.

You can enable Stripe directly from your Octorate account:

  • Go to SETTINGS > PAYMENTS > CREDIT CARD > put CREDIT CARD ON, choose Stripe in the payment gateway list, then click on Click here to enable the connection with Stripe (ensure you have already saved your mobile number in Settings > Property section)
  • Complete the Stripe form and click on Authorize access to this account, then go back to Octorate account and click here to have new pin code:

  • You will receive a message on your mobile and also an email with a link. Please insert the temporary code you received by SMS into the link received by email. You will find a new page where you can save a new PIN (the PIN code must contain only numbers ).

IMPORTANT: If you set ON for Enable card validation, Stripe will check in real time if the card is valid, an extra fee is request.
This way you will know right away if the credit card is not chargeable (incorrect data, expired cards, etc).
Moreover, if an invalid card comes from or your Booking Engine EVO, Octorate will send automatically a message "credit card not valid" warning to or to the guest that is booking from your website.

In order to use the function Enable card validation, you need to always have a positive balance on Octorate. If you want to check or recharge your Octorate balance, go to UPGRADE > BUY CREDIT.

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