• From section CALENDAR, click on the button OPTIONS:
  • In the next window, set option criteria:
  1. Guest surname
  2. Arrival date
  3. Departure date
  4. Option expiration date
  5. Room
  6. Option price
  7. Email address to send the option
  8. Create option
  • Now the option has been created and the availability has been decreased from your inventory.
    If the option expires with no confirmation, the availability will increase back as it was before.
    You can always edit the option until confirmation:

A) Extend the expiration date
B) Confirm the option manually
C) Cancel the option
D) Select/Create/Delete email templates

  • If you didn't create templates yet, select default template and edit it:
  1. Choose the variables of the template.
    N.B. The variables are values that the system retrieves automatically from each booking, like stay dates or guest name.
  2. Edit template text as you like
  3. Name the template to find it quickly next time you make an option
  4. Save the template
  5. Show an email preview
    N.B. Variables will be replaced by real information
  6. Send the email with your proposal
  • The option created will be placed on the calendar until expiration date and will have the yellow color. As soon as it's confirmed, the color will turn blue.
    The option can be confirmed in several ways:
    - By the guest, through the link you send in your template
    - By the property, as showed in the third picture (point B)
    - By the property, in reservation details from section RESERVATIONS or clicking on the option showed on the CALENDAR

Once it's confirmed, the option will become a regular booking.

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