To create a Virtual Room, it is necessary to combine two or more rooms of the same kind.
The availability of the Virtual Room is the sum of the availability of the associated rooms.

EXAMPLE: Some portals do not allow you to create 3 separate ads for the sale of three rooms of the same type.
As a result, your rooms for these portals; the Double BLUE, Double RED and the Double YELLOW will be grouped under a single type (Double GENERIC) with 3 Units.
In the absence of a Virtual Camera, the system will automatically assign a reservation to any of the rooms available for that type.

The virtual camera allows you to choose to which room to assign this reservation (BLUE, RED or YELLOW).

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ATTENTION! Reservations arriving in the virtual room must be manually assigned to one of the real rooms of which it is composed, so that availability is taken out and updated on the external portal.

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