To ensure that the different rates of the same type of room have always the same availability (for example: Double Room Standard Rate, Double Room Single Use and Double Room Not Refundable) you can match them by just following this simple steps:

1) Click on the ROOMS section, then on the orange button with three white dots, then Copy.

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2) Now the system will ask you to choose the name of the new rate.
You might want to delete the word "copy" at the end and to add a definition to differentiate the new derived from the main room.
Example: if the main is called DOUBLE, the derivative may be called DOUBLE NOT REFUNDABLE or DOUBLE SINGLE USE).

IMPORTANT: Click the question mark indicated by the arrow for more information about the fields to be filled in.

3) Repeat the same operation (as described in paragraph 1) for all rates, creating the various derived rooms always from the main room.

IMPORTANT: If you have more than one rate, the system will match the availability from the main room with it's derivatives, but it won't match from derivate to derivate.

To match the availability from a derivate with another derivate, log in to any room:

Then click on the green link indicated by the arrow:

At this point, you will need to select one by one all of the rates from the drop down menu, as shown in the next image.

This is a typical example:
The Double Triple Use (selected in the drop down menu) is matched only with the main Double rate, it lacks the check marks on the derivates Double Single Use and Double NR.
Always verify all of the rates from the drop down menu and make sure they have the check mark depending on the type they belong to.

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