When you update your inventory from section CALENDAR, the system might ask you to align room availabilities.
This happens because the system detected a discrepancy transmitting information from Octorate to OTAs.
The error, in yellow, always reports this message: Attention! Octorate Availability not match with... (followed by the name of the OTA involved, as showed in Image 1)

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You can fix it in a few steps:

1) Click on the error to display more information:

Image 2 - Click to zoom 

Image 2 displays the details of the error:

  • Column A = dates involved in the discrepancy
  • Column B = name of the Octorate rate involved in the discrepancy
  • Column C = availability of the rate on Octorate
  • Column D = name of the OTA rate involved in the discrepancy (in this example it's Booking.com)
  • Column E = availability of the rate on the OTA

2) In order to fix it, click on "Modify period" (section CALENDAR) and follow the steps showed in Image 3:

  • Select first and last date of the period involved in the discrepancy (Column A, Image 2 - in this example it's from 31 January to 8 April).
  • Mark option "updates DB"
  • Mark only the OTA involved in the error (in this example it's Booking.com)
  • Launch a sync and wait for it to finish the process.
    It may take a while, according to the lenght of the period.
    In the meantime you could also close this page.

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If the process is completed successfully, you will see this response:

Image 4 - Click to zoom 

3) As soon as the process is complete, click on "Recheck" to remove the error message (Image 5).

Image 5 - Click to zoom 

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