In addition to using external web portals (OTAs, GDS, Metasearch engines) hosting facilities can sell their rooms and apartments online using a personal website. This type of reservation is defined as a direct reservation.

One of the advantages is not having to pay external websites the fees they charge for the reservations coming from their channel. Another advantage is the ability to build customer loyalty and improve your travel experience.

Accommodation facilities can receive direct reservations using an inscription form through which their visitors can check for availability, or they can add a Booking Engine to their website.

Booking Engine EVO is a tool that allows the visitor to personally check the availability of the room or apartment he desires to reserve. The calendar function inserts the option of verifying for dates and availability in real time, to directly book the room or apartment, without the need for intermediaries.

The accommodation will receive a confirmation of the reservation and the receipt of payments and any advances related to that room. You can completely customize the entire module of the Booking Engine, by inserting additional languages, discounts and extras related to the room. It is also possible to manage your payment methods and operations through the Payment Manager.

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