To create special promotions on your website, enter from Octorate to: Booking Engine EVO > DISCOUNTS > Create a new discount

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In the next screen you have to set up the discount parameters.


  • Enable discount
  • Choose the name of the discount
  • Enter a label to show to the customer during the reservation process
  • Select type of offer:

ATTENTION! When selecting Normal Offer, Early Booking or Last minute, the applied discount will be displayed in the total price at the time of booking.
By selecting Coupon you can provide your customers with a promotional code to enter in the Booking Engine at the time of booking.

Select if you want to include a discount on fixed value or percentage

Upload pictures of your offer


  • From / To
    Select if you want to apply the discount for stays in a specific period.
  • Visible From / To
    Select if you want to apply the discount for reservations made in a specific period.
  • Days before arrival
    Choose how many days before the arrival the reservation must be made to have a discount
  • Length of stay
    Choose the minimum length of stay to apply the discount

Choose to apply the discount on all or only in a few rooms
Enter a description of the discount. This will be shown to your customers in the room details in the Booking Engine EVO.

If you have either Airbnb or (or both) linked to your Channel Manager, you can send your discounts to those portals! 

After these settings, click SAVE and your special offer is ready!

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