In each room you can set up to 5 levels in fixed value or percentage, to indicate the amount agreed with suppliers and employees.
Go to the Rooms section, then to the options for each room and scroll down the page to find the Revenue Share feature.
Set the label name, value type, and amount (Image 1).

IMPORTANT! The function follows a decremental logic, that is, the total of each reservation is subtracted from the value 1, then the value 2 is scaled to be the difference between the total and the value 1, and so on.

The following images will serve as an example for the use of the function:

  • The first label indicates the price of laundry for new bedding, which costs 5 euros per booking

(Image 1 Click to enlarge)

  • The second label includes the cost of cleaning, € 8 per booking

(Image 2 Click to enlarge)

  • The third label includes the added cost of check-in (typical in holiday rentals) € 6 per booking

(Image 3 Click to enlarge)

  • The fourth label includes the cost of any travel agency that was responsible, for example, transfers of the structure.
    In this case it was decided to pay the agency 10% of each reservation

(Image 4 Click to enlarge)

  • The fifth label includes the amount to be paid to the owner of the property, who will be 50% of the net amount of expenses deducted in the previous steps.

(Image 5 Click to enlarge)

Let's say that the cost of the reservation is 119 euros, so we will get the deduction of 5 euros for bedding costs, 8 euros for cleaning, 6 euros for the check-in employee.
Excluding these expenses, we went down from 119 to 100 euros.
From 100 euros Now you have to deduct 10% for the agency fee, then lower it to 90 €.
The final cost is 50% to pay the owner of the property; we will subtract it from the previous 90 euros.
The net amount that we are going to win from this reserve will be, therefore, 45 euros.

IMPORTANT! The revenue share refers to the expenses incurred in each room per reservation, so that you can establish labels and other costs for each room.
If you want to always use the same labels, simply create them in one room and then click the corresponding button to automatically copy all the others.

(Image 6 Click to enlarge)

IMPORTANT !! Do you want a clear and complete framework to verify the INCOME breakdown of all of the reservations?
Simply access to the reservations section and export the data in an Excel spreadsheet:

(Image 7 Click to enlarge)

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